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Dr Harl Hargett

Dr Harl Hargett's Credentials

Education, Certification, Licensing, Affiliation, Ordination Record


  • Associate of Arts (Theology) from Derby Bible Institute

  • Bachelor of Science (Human Services) from Metro State College

  • Master of Science (Clinical Counseling) from E.T.S./Liberty University

  • Ph.D. (Clinical Counseling) from Cornerstone University



  • Substance Abuse Professional, with the Department of Transportation, 2005

Requires: State Certification as an Addictions counselor and yearly C.E.U.S.

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, CompassPoint, # CSAT 2002Cl-221

Requires: Intensive training, completion of yearly conference and C.E.U.S

  • M.A.C. (Master Addictions Counselor), NAADC #500197

Requires: Yearly Registration and Completion of all CACIII Requirements

  • Diplomat of the American College of Professional Mental Health Practitioners

(Forensic Clinical Psychology) #P10383*(See Note)

  • Lifetime Diplomat of the American Board of Psychological Specialties

(Clinical Psychology) #17432*(See Note)

  • Nationally Certified Temperament Counselor

(NCCA) #05187577*(See Note)

  • Marriage & Family Therapy Certificate from Menninger Institute

Required 2 years of Internship and Master's Degree

*NOTE: These certifications require yearly registration and former submitted life experience.


  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (N.C.C.A. #A2A13A)

Requires: Master Degree, ordination and 2 years post-master’s supervision

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado #l566)

Requires: Master Degree in profession and 2 years of post-master’s supervision

  • Licensed Addictions Counselor (Colorado #57)

Requires: Clinical Master Degree and fulfillment of CACIII requirements


  • Ordained Minister (IRS Recognized)–Derby Community Church

Required: Associates Degree (Theology), 2 years post degree in church ministry)

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