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Dr Harl Hargett



in Crisis of Faith, Marriage, Sexual or Substance Abuse,

or Mental/Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Within the disciplines of psychology, there is a strong need for a forensic approach, especially when dealing with children and teens, substance abuse, sexual disorders or disruptive mental health concerns. The term ‘forensics’ is the application of a discovery of the root causes of these symptoms, diseases or emotional/behavioral irregularities and; hopefully, their cessation.


The noted motto “Recovery through Discovery” emphases that the root causes of maladaptive human drama are to be found in the meaning of the individual’s journeys from the moment of conception until the present time. Using the skills of metaphor, allegory and deep spiritual applications, Dr. Hargett allows the patient/client to explore the nature of the soul pain, psychosis, addiction, biological and/or mental afflictions, to come to terms with healthy sanity and change.


Dr. Harl Hargett is a professional expert in this applied arena—seeking to find an answer and effective treatment from the moment of the first contact. He is highly credentialed (see profile), very experienced (over 30 years in practice) and personable. Dr. Hargett is also an ordained and practicing pastor (Grace Bible Church of Lakewood) and brings a faith-based perspective to the overall process.


Dr. Hargett has many resources in the communities of faith, treatment centers, and is knowledgeable in holistic and pharmacological medicines. Dr. Hargett is especially versed with dealing with children and young adults, family systems and couples/marriage therapy.


As a Viet-Nam era army veteran Dr. Hargett also has personal insight in dealing with the issues of military problems and post-deployment traumas, including brain injuries, marital discord and the problems children of the armed forces face.


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